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Perth Weather: Good Friday Not Looking Quite So… Good

While Perth’s weather on Easter Sunday is looking pretty great, Good Friday isn’t looking quite so… good.

In fact, the whole Easter break is turning out to be something out of Melbourne than Perth.

The patchy conditions we’ve had over the past few days are going to clear up before pulling a full bait-and-switch on Good Friday.

Wednesday and Thursday are going to be partly cloudy and mostly sunny respectively, but by Good Friday, gird your loins for a cold front, bringing with it some possible storms and a couple of showers.

Easter Sunday will be ideal for egg-hunters, a chilly morning means your Elegant Rabbit or Humpty Dumpty eggs won’t end up a soft mess behind the succulents.

Here’s the forecast…

Rest of today

Max 22, showers

Chance of rain: 80%


Max 23, shower or two

Chance of rain: 70%


Max 22, partly cloudy

Chance of rain: 0%


Max 24, mostly sunny

Chance of rain: 10%

Good Friday

Max 19, shower or two, possible storm

Chance of rain: 70%

Easter Saturday

Max 19, partly cloudy

Chance of rain: 0%

Easter Sunday

Max 22, mostly sunny

Chance of rain: 0%


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