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Perth Weather: Rain, Sun, Sun, Rain, Rain... In that Order

Rain, sun, sun, rain, rain is the sequence over the coming days in Perth, according to the Bureau.

Thursday will remain pretty rainy but Friday, despite a bloody cold 3C overnight, is looking sunny as.

As for election day, it’ll be a carbon copy of Friday: cold night, sunny day, no rain.

The dry weather comes to a screeching halt on Monday when a cold front passes through, with the wet conditions continuing Tuesday.

Here’s the forecast:

Rest of Thursday

Max 17, showers

Chance of rain: 100 per cent


Min, 3

Max, 17, mostly sunny

Chance of rain: 0 per cent


Min, 3

Max, 17, sunny

Chance of rain: 0 per cent


Min 5

Max 22, mostly sunny

Chance of rain: 10 per cent


Min 10

Max 21, showers easing

Chance of rain: 90 per cent


Min 11

Max 20, shower or two

Chance of rain: 60 per cent


Min 8

Max 21, partly cloudy

Chance of rain: 30 per cent

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