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Baysie Bridge Claims First Victim For 2018

Not satisfied with just one reset of the official 'How Many Days Since Bayswater Bridge Has Been Hit' ticker on Monday, we had two. 


2018 was off to a good start for the notorious bridge, but shortly after 1pm, despite multiple signs, a truck came off second-best when part of its roof was ripped off as it negotiated the 3.8m clearance.

Just before 5pm, another truck got stuck.


Pic credit: Brad Serls

Last year, 11 trucks hit the bridge.

WAtoday reported that more than $53,000 has been recouped to repair damage caused to the bridge in recent years.

Maybe if they put up a 4th sign? #bayswaterflattop #bayswatersubway #limbo

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SRSLY? Not even fucking close, man.

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Only last week, 96FM's Paul & Lise spoke to a couple of local Perth truckies in a bid to find out why the bridge was continually being hit.

“The reason it’s being hit so much now is because Google Maps keeps taking people that way,” Dave from Ellenbrook said.

Another truck driver, Julian from Wembley, also agreed that the map app was partly to blame as it found the quickest and shortest route.

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Pic credit: Brad Serls

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