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Police Crackdown On Perth Windscreen Washers

Police are cracking down on windscreen washers across Perth after increased reports of aggression, intimidation, assaults and robberies at intersections where they push their ‘services’.

Belmont MLA Cassie Rowe told The West that there had been a spike in complaints, citing an example of aggro behaviour by a group of young women towards a driver of a ute who declined to have his windscreen washed at the intersection of Great Eastern Highway and Graham Farmer Freeway.

“They were screaming and kicking the car and then they threw something into the car window and were leaning in, trying to hit the driver.”

About two weeks ago, Belmont police allegedly interrupted three teen windscreen washers trying to rob a man of his bike.

Police said that one grabbed the handlebars and demanded the bike, the second punched him and a third told him “give me your bike or I’ll stab you.”

Two 18-year-olds have been charged, but police are still looking for a third man.

Windscreen washing is illegal in WA and can attract a $50 fine, however it's also an offence to pay for it.

Wembley Sen Sgt Peter Gilmour said police had not been penalising motorists, he urged them not to have their windscreens cleaned and to not engage with those offering it beyond saying ‘no thanks’.

“Some people feel sorry for them but in reality both the windscreen washers who are soliciting to get money from drivers are committing offences and also the drivers paying these people are committing an offence,” he said.

A couple of weeks ago, Victorian police admitted to dressing up as windscreen washers in a sting to catch distracted drivers. It’s an offence there too but police clarified that they were not actually washing any windscreens.


- Great Eastern Highway and the Graham Farmer Freeway

- Tonkin and Great Eastern Highways

- Belgravia Street and Great Eastern Highway

- Roberts Road and Thomas Street (near Perth Modern School)

- Graham Farmer Freeway exit at Cambridge and Thomas streets

Police encourage people to report any incidents and that dashcam footage is welcome.

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