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Real Estate Agent Dies In Hospice After Botched Nose Job

A real estate agent who suffered severe brain damage after undergoing several plastic surgery procedures has died. 

Laura Avila, who travelled to Mexico to receive plastic surgery at a discounted price, suffered brain damage from the anaesthesia used in the procedure.

The 36-year-old's sister has been regularly updating friends and family on Avila's progress, and only late last week revealed that she had been moved into hospice care.

"Based on the recommendation of Laura’s physicians, and after hours of agony and consideration, our family moved Laura to a more comfortable facility late last night. Laura is peacefully resting and her fate is in the hands of God," she wrote.

Laura Avila's fiancé, Enrique Cruz, said he was at the Rino Center in Ciudad Juarez when his healthy partner went in for a nose job and breast implant replacement. It was all going as planned until eight hours later, doctors rushed out, admitting there was a problem. 

"The only thing that they told me was that they had to take her to the hospital because... the anaesthesia wasn't wearing off and they did not know why," Cruz told CBS News. 

Doctors at the Mexican hospital finally revealed that the plastic surgery centre put the anaesthesia in the incorrect place in her spine, and consequently caused her brain to swell, and her kidneys to fail, prompting her to go into cardiac arrest.


Cruz explained that the reviews for the Rino Center were all overwhelmingly positive, prompting Avila to go there. She also had family in Mexico, and regularly crossed the border for visits. Another enticing factor was that it was estimated to be less than a third of the average cost in the US. 

On Saturday, Angie Avila announced the passing of her sister.

"My angelic sister/second mom/best friend & Heartbeat left us today around 8:20AM. My heart aches, and I truly don’t know how or if I’ll ever overcome this pain," she wrote on Facebook. "I love you, Laura Avila. Thank you for being the best sister in the world."

Laura Avila's fiancé also took to Facebook to share the heartbreaking news, and his mission to get justice for his "tiny dancer" by pursuing a lawsuit against the Mexican clinic.

"After paying all the hospital bills and giving some financial support to her humble family, i will tenaciously be pursuing the lawsuit against the criminals that killed her," he wrote.

The family have hired a lawyer in Mexico to assist with what they predict will be a devastating battle over what really happened at the Mexican clinic.

"Today our attorneys in Juarez notified us that Coespris, the Mexican government commission that oversees protection against sanitary risks ordered the closure/suspension of Rinocenter," Angie Avila posted on Facebook.

"I find some peace in knowing that at least for a day or two these people won't be able to hurt anyone else."

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