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Relative Of Chris Dawson Mysteriously Vanished Before Lyn

Chris Dawson's lawyer has revealed that a close relative of his client's had mysteriously disappeared 22 years before his wife Lynette did.

Chris's older brother's mother-in-law went missing in the 1960s.

Barrister Greg Walsh opened up about the close relative's disappearance, proving "these things do happen". 

Unlike Lynette Dawson, it turned out that Peter Dawson's mother-in-law had fled to New Zealand, where she remarried.


Peter Dawson, a former barrister, said that his first wife's parents split up as a child, but she would regularly visit her at a Sydney boarding house. It wasn't until she went for one of her regular visits that she received the news that her mother was gone. 

"She did not contact her family, did not contact the kids, did not contact her husband," Peter Dawson recalled to the Daily Telegraph.


"We don't know where Lyn is. I hope she is living happily somewhere in the world."

News of the bizarre coincidence comes days after detectives investigating the murder of Lynette Dawson said they had worked out the approximate time they believe she was murdered.

Police allege that Mrs Dawson was killed some time between 9pm on January 8 and 7am on January 9, 1982.

However, outside court, Greg Walsh said his client would be pleading not guilty and "strongly asserts his innocence". 


He told reporters there was physical evidence, including bank transactions, that Lyn Dawson was seen after she went reportedly went missing in 1982. Walsh later claimed that a number of witnesses could corroborate the story, but two have since died. 

"Two very important bank card transactions made two or three weeks after her disappearance," he revealed. 

"While it seems most unusual that a lady, with the greatest respect of Lyn Dawson, would disappear and not have any contact with her children... it has happened."

Despite the fact Mrs Dawson's body has not been found, investigators are confident of the strength of their case.

"There are other examples in policing history, and history of the courts, where people have been convicted of murder without a body," NSW Detective Superintendent Scott Cook told reporters on Wednesday.


Mrs Dawson's relatives expressed relief following the arrest, while Chris Dawson's family said they had no doubt he would be found innocent.

Detectives in September dug up the backyard at the Bayview home the couple shared in the early 1980s but did not find her remains or items of interest.

Mr Fuller declared "we certainly won't give up on that search" for Mrs Dawson's remains.


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