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Rolf Harris Wants To Return To TV

Disgraced Australian entertainer Rolf Harris is apparently planning a TV comeback just weeks after he was released from jail in the UK over child-sex offences.

The Sun newspaper has reported that the convicted paedophile has instructed his management team to land him a show in a bid to resurrect his career.

The 87 year-old was released from prison in May after serving three years for historical sex crimes against young girls aged between seven and 19.

In his heyday prior to his conviction, Harris was a staple on TV programs both here and the UK from the 1950's onwards.

He has apparently told his family and friends that he is currently “desperate” to work again and is “going nuts” being stuck at home.

A source said:

“Rolf genuinely believes he could still have a career after everything that’s gone on.

“He told his team to find a TV show that he could front or be involved in as a way of trying to reverse the public’s horrendous perception of him.

“They’ve said they will do all they could but in reality he’s seen as untouchable right now.”

Harris was arrested in 2013 and a year later he was sentenced to five years and nine months in prison.

Harris had also been preparing an album of music while serving his sentence in HMP Stafford.


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