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Schapelle Slams ‘Fake News’ Over Her Return To Australia

Convicted drug smuggler Schapelle Corby and her sister Mercedes have both slammed a report on 9 News Queensland that claimed to reveal the truth behind the elaborate operation to help bring her back to Australia.

9 News reporter Tim Arvier questioned Corby while she was walking down the street, asking how much the operation to get her home cost and if she paid for it.

Arvier asked Corby, “Some people are angry you got taxpayer funds to help get you special treatment in the airport,”  

“Do you think you deserved it?”

According to 9 News, the military-style operation to help smuggle Corby back home received assistance from the Government and saw a rearranged exit strategy hatched between the Brisbane Airport Corporation, customs and the Australian Federal Police.

It report claims Corby switched flights in Bali and other passengers on board were required to stay on the plane so she could make a quick exit.

The report also added that special carts were organised for Corby, her sister Mercedes and their security team to leave the airport as quickly as possible, with the Australian Federal Police (AFP) guarding side doors so they didn’t have to face the public.

It's also claimed Corby was given express entry through passport control and customs, while a number of vehicles were waiting for her at the airport, most of which were decoys.

The report said the mission cost an estimated $80,000, although 9 News say they don't know how much was funded by taxpayers.

Taking to Instagram, Mercedes said "I would like to know where you came up with this BS?”

“Tax payers DID NOT pay one cent towards my sisters return home. We paid our own airline tickets and our good friend John from @torasolutions helped organize her safe trip back, the government/tax payers DID NOT pay a cent!! Why have you broadcast this Fake news? [sic]”

Schapelle also shared her sister’s message on her Instagram page. “#breakingnews you know nothing,” she said.

She also claimed that she was ambushed by the 9 News reporter.

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