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How 'Sausage Party' avoided one of the toughest ratings

Before submitting Sausage Party, his animated comedy involving food to be rated, Seth Rogan had an idea of what was going to get the chop.

The film's 8-minute orgy scene was one.

In fact, Rogan was so certain it wouldn’t make the final cut, he added several things to it. For fun.

"We probably added six things into the orgy that we were like, 'OK, these are like our sacrificial lambs,'" Rogan told Howard Stern.

But to avoid the NC-17 rating (the Australian equivalent is R18), the Motion Picture Association of America surprisingly asked for only a handful of edits - one being removing the hair from the scrotum of a piece of pita.

"We digitally shaved the pita bread's ballsack," Rogan said.

Giving the character a trim satisfied the ratings office, and the movie was given the R-rating (Australian MA15+) that Rogen wanted.

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