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Aussie Dad Inadvertently Kills Himself During Family Murder

A father that murdered his wife, kids and dog accidentally killed himself in the process, an inquest has heard. 

Fernando Manrique, 44 set up a pipe system to spray carbon monoxide gas throughout the family's Sydney house in October 2016 - killing everyone inside, including h wife Maria Lutz, 43, and their children Elisa, 11, and Martin, 10.

It was initially suspected to be a murder-suicide, but police now believe his death was an accident and Manrique intended to flee to Phillipines to start a new life with his teen lover Jamie who he met on a business trip. 

Detective Sergeant Tim Pooley said: 'I believe that he did not mean to commit suicide but was inadvertently overcome by gas.

"Fernando had intentions to move to the Philippines… and to live with Jamie. He had no intention of taking his own life."  

Police also claim he called his Filipina girlfriend that night and was found dead next to a packed suitcase and $750 in cash. 

The inquest continues Thursday. 


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