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Storms, Heavy Falls On The Way For Perth

OK, so it seems the typical winter weather has totally forgotten about Perth.

However, while temperatures are going to remain pretty un-winter-like, it’s a different story for rain.

Oh, there will be rain.

Heavy falls are expected in the coming days… with up to 45 millimetres forecast on Friday.

The only day that’s looking half decent is Wednesday. The Bureau of Meteorology says it’ll be partly cloudy with a max of 28 degrees.

But that’s where the fair skies end for the week…

Here’s the forecast…


Max 29, showers developing, late storm

Chance of rain: 90 per cent


Max 20, Showers, possible storm, heavy falls

Chance of rain: 100 per cent


Max 20, showers easing

Chance of rain: 90 per cent


Max 22, shower or two

Chance of rain: 70 per cent


Max 21, shower to two

Chance of rain: 70 per cent

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