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Sydney's $2 Million Hoarder House Is Full Of Rubbish AGAIN!

The notorious 'hoarders house' at Bondi is in the news again as the family who live there return to court while rubbish pilse up outside their eastern suburbs home.

Despite numerous council clean-ups and court orders over the years, the front yard of the home is yet again covered in piles and piles of garbage.


Just last year the Bobolas family - mother Mary and her two daughters Elena and Liana - won a last minute injunction to keep the property before it was due to be seized and sold. 

Waverley Council wanted to forcibly sell the house to recover $160,000 spent on cleaning up the trash-strewn property at 19 Boonara Avenue.

Purchased by Mrs Bobolas for $15,000 in 1973, the land is now worth around $2 million.

All three women have been arrested at various times when authorities have attempted to gain access to the property.

Waverley Council has now filed a notice of motion in the Land and Environment Court claiming Mary Bobolas and her daughters are guilty of civil contempt of court.

The Council claims the family have not complied with an order from April 2015 in that they 'failed to refrain from keeping waste on the premises'.

The matter will return to the Land and Environment Court later this month. 

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