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Teen Dies After Hickey Turned Into A Blood Clot

A teenager has DIED after a hickey on his neck formed a blood clot and caused a stroke.

The family of 17-year-old Julio Macias Gonzalez is in mourning after the sudden death.

The teenager was at home with his family in Mexico when he started having convulsions.

Emergency services were called but paramedics couldn’t save him.

Medicos say the cause of death was the hickey on his neck.

Local media reports the hickey turned into a blood clot, which moved to his brain, causing a stroke.

It has been reported Julio’s 24-year-old girlfriend gave him the hickey.

This isn’t the first time a hickey has caused serious bodily injury.

A woman from New Zealand was left partially paralyzed after a hickey in 2011.

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