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The Perth Street With A Power Pole Built Into The Road

We've heard of something being as 'dumb as a pole' but this is next level.

A suburb in Perth has been dealing with a power pole in the middle of a busy road that has almost caused several road accidents.

The unusual traffic hazard was caused after a mix-up between an energy company and a property developer.

The pole, which was built first, is a metre out from a kerb in Landsdale after a development company built a new road AROUND it.

7 News reported that local residents say there have been a number of near misses by motorists, and that the pole won't be moved until the end of October 28, forcing the local council to place safety barriers around the pole.


Energy company Western Power told 7 News, 'We're disappointed that this situation happened,'

In a statement, Musgrave Contracting said: 'At the completion of our works, approved traffic management was installed to manage the power pole'.

'It was tampered with by the general public.'

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