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The Latest Numbers On The Same Sex Marriage Survey Are IN

So, the latest numbers are in: almost 11 million.

As of Friday, that’s how many same sex marriage survey forms have now made their way back to be counted.

This means that, of the 16 million sent out, about 10.8 million - or almost 68 per cent - have been returned.

Earlier this month, preliminary results indicated that the "Yes" vote was shaping up as the clear lead.

At the time, the poll, published by The Guardian, had predicted a majority Yes vote in almost every age bracket: 65 per cent in the 18 - 34 age group, 55 per cent yes in 35 - 54 year-olds and 54 per cent for the over-55s.

Still not voted? 

If you’ve still not received a form or it's been lost or damaged, you have until 6pm (local time) this Friday, October 20, to request a replacement from the ABS website or by giving the Information Line a buzz on 1800 572 113.

If you're still yet to put it in the post, it has to be received at the ABS by 6pm (local time) October 27 for it to be counted.

When will the results be published?

November 15.

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