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Why THOUSANDS Of Same-Sex Marriage Ballots Didn't Count

While most of the country didn't hear anything after the percentage of "Yes" votes was announced on Wednesday, there was actually another number that has proven slightly confusing.

ABS chief statistician David Kalisch read out the voting breakdown at a nationally broadcast press conference, although the latter part of his speech was drowned out by cheers from marriage equality supporters.

"For the national result, Yes responses: 7,817,247," Mr Kalisch said. " That's 61.6 per cent of clear responses were Yes.

"No responses: 4,873,987. That's 38.4 per cent of clear responses were No.

"A further 36,686 responses were unclear representing 0.2 per cent of total responses."

Which means that more than 36,000 voters went through the motions of sending back a ballot that was never counted.

So how does that happen? An ABS spokesperson has explained that, despite there being a pretty simple yes-or-no option, the invalid votes failed to meet requirements.

"Responses were categorised as not clear if there wasn't a clear Yes or No intention of the participant," they told news.com.au.

"This included forms where both boxes were ticked, where there were no marks on the form (blank response) or where the question was changed to make the answer unclear."

It's not known whether ballots with penis drawings were included in the invalid ballot count.

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