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The Teacher's Pet Podcast Murder Case Returns To Court

The case accusing former teacher Chris Dawson of killing his wife on Sydney's northern beaches 37 years ago is expected to return to court.

Lynette Dawson's disappearance in 1982 was the subject of highly popular investigative podcast series The Teacher's Pet before her former husband was charged.

An update on the court case on Thursday may answer whether prosecutors will use as evidence any material collected by journalist Hedley Thomas for the podcast.

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Prosecutors were granted extra time in February to sift through the material, amounting to more than 100 gigabytes.

It's unclear whether the accused 70-year-old will be present in Downing Centre Local Court on Thursday.

He is currently living on Queensland's Sunshine Coast under strict bail conditions.

Dawson's solicitor has suggested Thomas potentially compromised the case by interviewing witnesses for The Teacher's Pet.

"Not only the accused's case but the prosecution case (too) because what he's done is to impact upon the reliability of witnesses," Greg Walsh told reporters outside court in February.

By asking people to relive their experiences, and divulging new information to witnesses, the "risk of contamination and collusion was a real one", Mr Walsh said.


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