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Terrifying Moment Driver Saves Little Girl From Being Hit

This is the terrifying moment a quick-thinking driver pulled his car across a lane of traffic to save a 17-month-old toddler, who had walked out onto a busy road.

The video was caught on Gary Dring’s dash camera after he spotted the little girl playing by the side of the road; as she wanders straight out from the driveway and into the path of incoming traffic, Mr Dring uses his car as a barrier to protect her from being hit.

You can then see Mr Dring running from the car, before he picks up the toddler – who appears to be crying – and hands her to another child, who has just appeared.

It’s not clear as to whether any other members of her family were in the vicinity at the time.

Mr Dring’s on-the-ball reactions no doubt prevented what could have been a truly horrifying incident, and he is visibly, and understandably, shaken in the clip.

The near-miss occurred in Villawood, western Sydney, and Mr Dring has since told 7 News that it took showing the video to the child’s parents for them to believe the police.

The matter has reportedly been referred to family and community services, and the child’s family have declined to comment.

Dash cameras, or dash cams, are being used increasingly by cyclists and motorists alike in an effort to keep a record in case of road accidents. 

Video via Daily Mail

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