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Absolutely MASSIVE Change Coming For Telstra Customers

Telstra is killing-off its third party charges for customers on the postpaid plans by December after they complained of getting hit with unexpected charges on their bill.

The charges usually relate to third party subscription purchases of content like mobile games, apps, and videos which involve recurrent charges on a weekly or monthly basis and turn up included on your mobile bill.

Kevin Teoh, Telstra’s Director of Consumer Mobiles told news.com.au, "This has been a pain point for our customers for quite some time. In many cases, customers are inadvertently signing up to these services." 

Telstra has said they are looking at ways they can address customer problems in recent years and they are continuing to do so.

Last year the telco added a double-opt-in process for premium SMS content.

From December 3, third party service providers will no longer be permitted to charge new mobile content subscriptions to Telstra customers on their monthly bill.

Telstra customers with existing subscription services will continue to operate past the December deadline and Telstra will continue to support one-off payments like charity donations and voting for TV game shows.

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