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Thieves make off with showbag after Perth Royal Showgrounds

It doesn't kick off for another month, but it seems thieves just couldn’t wait.

Security was breached at Claremont Showgrounds on Saturday, August 6, with three stalls broken into.

The thieves made off with, wait for it, a showbag.

One showbag.

Specifically, a Wonka showbag.

The CEO of the Royal Agricultural Society of WA, Peter Cooper told 96FM that outside the show’s official dates, 7 day, 24-hour CCTV and onsite security is continually in place.

Mr Cooper wasn’t concerned over questions on use-by dates as showbags are sold all year round by operators at regional country shows and therefore it was “not unusual to be finding some stock on hand”.

Mr Cooper said the grounds weren’t really targeted for anything, as there are limited items for anyone to steal.

“Showbags are a first for us,” he said.

It wasn’t clear if the Wonka showbag was the 'not for sale' one on display, or which price point was nicked – the ‘Premium Wonka’ retails at $10 and the ‘Big Wonka Bag’ for $20.

The $20 bag traditionally includes a ‘free’ gift, being a hat, soccer ball or a “funny wig/bowtie set”, which could make the crooks easier to identify.

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