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Couple Looking For Nanny To Join Them On Worldwide Trip

This is NOT a drill: An American couple are offering a free round-the-world trip - accommodation and meals included - plus a not-too-shabby salary for someone willing to nanny for their three kids.

Derek and M'Kenzie Tillotson have one hectic year of travel planned, kicking off in New York City before heading to mainland Europe via Iceland. 

Then it's home to Utah for a two-week Christmas break, another trip to the airport and even more adventures in Hawaii, New Zealand and Asia.

Where do we sign up?

"We're looking for somebody who's going to love our children as much as we do," the couple explain in a cute-as video that has already racked up more than 75,000 views.

"It's hard to define your exact hours because you will be living with us, but you will have time to yourself every day for sure, and one to two times a week you'll be able to go off on your own and have your own adventures."

The position - which is paying a pretty basic salary of AU$1600 - $2100 - will include homeschooling the two eldest boys and looking after their baby sister, Wren.

The successful applicant will also be expected to help with the cooking and cleaning, although the couple are at pains to point out that it'll be more of a general "pitch in" than anything.

"Our nanny will get two days off a week and obviously time to themselves daily," M'Kenzie added. "Not looking for Cinderella!"

If you're still interested, you can head to the family's website to join the waitlist - although there's already been a stack of interest.

Good luck!

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