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Tracey Spicer Is About To Out 40 Media 'Serial Predators’

Since the news broke, it seems the conversation surrounding Harvey Weinstein has become bigger.

That’s at least one good thing to come from all of this.

People like Harvey, and the people who knew about people like Harvey, are learning that predatory behaviour will no longer be tolerated.

The creation of the #MeToo hashtag is encouraging women - and men - to open up about their own experiences with sexual assault - and Tracey is also encouraging sharing.

Taking to Twitter, Tracey Spicer revealed she was investigating ‘two-long term offenders in our media industry’ and encouraged women to share their own stories with her privately.

“It is an absolute tsunami of sexual assault, intimidation and abuse. It is absolutely horrific,” Spicer told The Daily Telegraph.

“There are 30 to 40 alleged offenders so far and I would say the vast majority of them would have more than one case against them.”

She is putting together a list of 40 media ‘serial predators’ who are also ‘household names’ but insists, it’s not a witch hunt.

"This is not any kind of witch hunt, we want the culture to change within workplaces so women are safe," she told The Project.

Source: Daily Telegraph

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