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Transgender AFL Player Speaks Out On Playing Ban

A transgender Aussie Rules footballer who has been banned from playing in the AFLW, has told 60 Minutes of her disappointment of being unable to compete.

Hannah Mouncey was knocked back in a bid to play in the women’s league after the AFL cited the Victorian Equal Opportunity Act, which says athletes can be discriminated against based on their gender “if strength, stamina or physique is relevant”.

Mouncey, 28, said, “Of course I’m going to have a size advantage over some of the girls,”

“But I feel the game prides itself on being able to be played by anyone — whether it be little rovers, or your ruckman, or your full forward and forward pocket ... I obviously don’t agree with what the AFL has done. There’s a dozen girls of my height. I was the tallest within a couple of centimetres.”

Mouncey revealed she didn’t know she wanted to transition until she was in her 20s.

“I didn’t realise until I was a lot older,”

“I was seeing a psychologist for different things and that’s how it sort of came out ... it’s not a decision, it’s just not.”

Mouncey said she won't have surgery to switch genders, instead saying she has transitioned using a daily supplement plan.

“I take four pills a day,” she said.

“Oestrogen and an anti-androgen. That’s pretty much it."

“I am transitioned. Some people will get cosmetic surgery, you know, hundreds of thousands of dollars reshape their jaw or their voice box and have surgery and all sorts of stuff. I’m definitely not going down that path.” 

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