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UberEats Hit-Run Driver: New CCTV Clue Released

New CCTV information has been released by police regarding a hit-run in Carlisle that seriously injured an UberEats rider.

Javiera Morgado, 23, was hit by a white Mitsubishi Pajero 4WD at the intersection of Oats and Bishopsgate streets about 9pm on Sunday.

Police say she was dragged under the vehicle for about 80 metres along Bishopsgate Street before stopping and reversing off Ms Morgado.


Javiera Morgado

The older model 4WD, thought to be made between 1995 and 2006, then proceeded along Bishopsgate Street before turning right into Mercury Street then left into Planet Street.

The vehicle continued along Planet Street before turning left onto Archer Street towards Rutland Avenue and Shepperton Road.

Major crash investigators say enquiries are continuing as to the vehicle’s route past this point.

Police have reportedly not ruled out road rage.

Ms Morgado remains in Royal Perth Hospital where she will undergo further surgery.

Police are asking for anyone with information or dash cam footage to call Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

Support grows for Uber to pay medical expenses

While the search continues for the driver, a campaign by fellow UberEats riders is petitioning the ride-share heavyweight to step in.

“…she cannot work or pay for her medical bills because Uber does not provide sick leave for their riders and she cannot access workers compensation,” the petition said.

“We have started to raise funds to support her, but we want to know why Uber isn’t supporting her and workers just like her.”

“Riders have no physically safe workplace. We shouldn’t have to struggle for no sick pay, no insurance, and barely enough money to live on.

“It's not fair, and Uber needs to take responsibility.”


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