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US Missionary Killed By Arrow-Wielding Tribe

An American missionary was killed with bow and arrows after he illegally approached a remote tribe trying to befriend them.

John Allen Chau, 26, was reported missing after traveling to North Sentinel Island as a Christian missionary.

Chau had been staying in India's Andaman Islands when he met a local fisherman and arranged a trip to the remote island " for missionary activities,” the police report said.


However, visits to these islands are heavily restricted by the government as the Sentinelese people are believed to be the last pre-Neolithic tribe in the world, resistant to outsiders and often attack anyone who approaches.

Chau had a strong desire to meet the Sentinelese and preach on the island.


A group of fisherman, who have since been arrested, took Chau close to the island around midnight on November 14 and Chau made the rest of the journey alone in a kayak around 4.30am.

It was reported that he brought gifts including a football, a fishing line, scissors and a medical kit.

The police report said: “During his attempts to befriend the tribals, he was shot with an arrow by an unknown person.”

Around 6.30am, the fishermen "saw a dead body being dragged and getting buried by the unknown persons near the shore. From the silhouette of the body, clothing and circumstances, it appeared to be the body of John Allen Chau to them."

Police have since approached anthropologists with contacts on the island in an effort to visit and recover the body.

Buzzfeed News with ABC 

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