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Plastic Bag Charge Scheme Pulled After Just Four Hours

It took just four hours for one WA supermarket to scrap its new scheme charging customers for plastic bags.

In an effort to make Denmark a bit more plastic bag-free, the local Supa IGA last week introduced a 10c charge for bags, the ABC reported.

For a generally pretty chill country town, the backlash was anything but.

On the first day of the scheme’s launch, store manager Bob Cybula said staff were abused.

"My staff got absolutely hammered by customers saying we are ripping them off, 'This is unreasonable', 'What the heck are you doing?'" he told the ABC.

"We donate every year tens of thousands of dollars to the community. Every bag that gets rung up, the computer traces it … nothing to my bottom line, nothing at all," he said.

Mr Cybula was keen to "have another crack" at the scheme again in the future.

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