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WA Won't Go It Alone On Smoking Age Lift

The legal smoking age will only be raised to 21 in Western Australia if the rest of the nation agrees to do the same, Premier Mark McGowan says.

WA put the idea on the agenda of the national meeting of health ministers on Thursday, but Mr McGowan said he's ambivalent about the change and the state won't go it alone.

"I see the arguments both ways. If you're 18 you can go to war, you know, why shouldn't you be able to smoke?" he told reporters on Thursday.

"On the other hand, some of the evidence that I've seen says that if you lift the smoking age, we may well save lives."

Meanwhile, in NSW, e-cigarette users could be fined up to $550 if caught vaping in public spaces or on public transport.

The ban will come into effect in July after state parliament passed new laws on Wednesday night.

"Put simply, where you are not allowed to smoke cigarettes, you now cannot vape either," Health Minister Brad Hazzard said in a statement on Thursday.

The ban includes shopping centres, cinemas, libraries, trains, buses, public swimming pools, near children's play equipment, sports grounds, public transport stops and outdoor dining areas.


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