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Urgent Call For Truck That Hit Perth Power Cables

An urgent call has been issued by Western Power to track down the truckie who ran into power cables which caused a blackout on Wednesday morning.

More than 27,000 homes lost power in what was first thought to be caused by a lightning strike at the Cannington substation.

However, an investigation found damaged cables and scorch marks on the ground near sand that appeared to be fresh, according to Western Power head of safety Andrew Shaw.

Alarmingly, he also said the truck driver may not realise that, over the next 24 hours, the truck’s tyres were now at risk of exploding

"We’re concerned that the vehicle could be susceptible to a process called tyre pyrolysis which causes the gasses inside the tyres to expand and potentially explode.

“The truck should be quarantined immediately for a period of 24 hours following the contact and suspected electricity flashover that would have occurred.”

He said any driver who made contact with the network should remain in the vehicle if it is safe to do so and call 13 13 51 immediately so an Emergency Response crew can attend.

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