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Woolworths self-serve checkouts caught out by new $5 note

It’s one of the hardest notes on the planet to counterfeit – so much so that some supermarket checkouts are struggling to recognise it.   

Woolworths’ customers are reportedly getting stuck at the self-serve checkouts trying to use the new $5 note, which went into circulation on September 1.

“I was at Woolworths last night and went to the self-serve machine and tried to put one of the new $5 notes in and it wouldn’t take it,” a talkback caller told 3AW.

“So I asked the manager and apparently they won’t be able to use it on those machines.”

He was told the machines needed to be recalibrated to recognise it.

Woolworths spokesman Sean Ottley told the Herald Sun: “We are currently in the process of rolling out an update to all our self-serve check-outs to ensure our customers are able to make purchases using the new tender.”

Coles spokesman Blair Speedy said all of its checkouts could accept the new note which has a clear top-to-bottom strip.

Other security features include a bird flapping its wings and colour changes as the note is tilted.

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