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You can now have your ashes pressed into a vinyl record

It’s no secret that vinyl records are experiencing a renaissance.

But while records are rising from the ashes, you can now bed your own ashes down into what could be the ultimate original recording.

UK service And Vinyly boasts that its customers "live on from beyond the groove!" by pressing their ashes onto a vinyl recording of their choosing.

Immortality starts at £3000, which converts to about $A5160, for the basic package. This includes album cover art but not the audio – that’s for the customer to supply.

The audio could be music, spoken word, last will and testament or "complete silence to let loved ones hear your pops and crackles".

For an extra £3000, the package could include a portrait by a National Portrait Gallery artist.

And, if your dream was to always feature on the shelves at JB’s or similar outlet, they can arrange a distribution.

Pets are not forgotten either, so even after Barry the Beagle passes away, you will be able to kick back with a comforting ashes-pressed record of his own incessant barking. 

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