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"You’re A F*****g Disgrace” Nick Kyrgios Abuses Umpire

Another match, another childish display from Australian tennis player Nick Kyrgios.

Playing in a doubles match with partner Taylor Fritz at the Miami Open , Kyrgios exploded at the umpire over a number of calls that didn't go his way.

After losing the match 7-6 (4), 6-7 (3), 10-8, Kyrgios unloaded on the official.

“What the f*** is wrong with you?” he shouted as he deliberately avoided shaking his hand.

“You’re a disgrace. You’re a f*****g disgrace.”

Kyrgios then stood up and smashed his racquet, which resulted in the crowd booing him.

This didn't deter Kyrgios who sat down still carrying on, this time addressing the crowd.

“You think that’s alright yes or no? He’s a disgrace? Come down here and play 100% when you deal with this,” he said.

“It’s rubbish.”

Earlier in the day, Kyrgios was interviewed by Daily Mail tennis writer Mike Dickson where he questioned why he should show any respect to his fellow players.

“I don’t know how much respect the others show them but I’m not going to really respect someone just because they can hit a ball over the net, that’s not enough for me to give them respect,” Kyrgios told 

“Why would I give them an inch? They’ve already got the advantage with always playing on the best courts in the best conditions, all that sort of stuff, so I don’t know why you would give them inches.

“Obviously what they do for the sport is huge, they inspire millions around the globe. But when I’m on the court we are competing and I’m not trying to be your friend.

‘I’m not sure why I would go out there and be very respectful of Rafa to get ready for me to serve.”


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