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YouTube Bans Risky ‘Challenges’ Following Injuries, Deaths

YouTube has banned dangerous pranks and stunts after a string of ‘challenges’ went viral and resulted in serious injury or, in some cases, death.

Videos showing people participating in these challenges will now be removed.

It comes after the most recent ‘Bird Box Challenge’, where the Netflix film Bird Box inspired people to wear blindfolds while performing stunts.


Last week, one video showed a blindfolded driver crashing into another car in Utah. Meanwhile, in the UK, some idiot was shown walking blindfolded along railway tracks.

But the pranks were a problem way before Bird Box, such as the "Tide Pod" and "fire" challenges.

The "fire" challenge involved putting flammable liquids on people before igniting it, with the results being as predictable as you can imagine.

Of course, the Tide Pod challenge saw individuals taking ‘washing your mouth out with soap’ to another level, mainly kids, biting into those soluble colourful capsules of laundry detergent. Last year, the American Association of Poison Control Centers reported an increase in ingestion incidents following the trend.

"YouTube is home to many beloved viral challenges and pranks,” the company said in a statement in the FAQ section of their website.

"Our Community Guidelines prohibit content that encourages dangerous activities that are likely to result in serious harm, and today clarifying what this means for dangerous challenges and pranks.

“We don’t allow pranks that make victims believe they’re in serious physical danger – for example, a home invasion prank or a drive-by shooting prank.

"We also don’t allow pranks that cause children to experience severe emotional distress, meaning something so bad that it could leave the child traumatized for life.”

In July, YouTube banned Michael and Heather Martin who posted concerning videos to the site. In one, Michael instructed his children to slap his daughter in the face. In another, he sprayed disappearing ink on the floor of his son’s bedroom, before calling him in and scolding him for it. As the son broke down in tears, Martin revealed the joke, telling him it was “just a prank”.

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