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'If this doesn't work there's always Married At First Sight'

The Bachelor’s Richie Strahan says that if it doesn't work out with the woman he chooses on Thursday night, he could always go on Married At First Sight. 

Finale Week finally kicks off tonight where Richie will admit who of the remaining contestants, Olena, Nikki or Alex, has stolen his heart.

The simple revelation will, naturally, take place over two nights.

Richie (like us) is pretty keen to get his life back.

“It’s been a very long few months of sneaking around, private cars, isolated houses, it’s going to be great to have it all out in the open and get back to normality,” he told 96FM’s Carmen and Fitzi.

Of course many questions were met with the rage inducing: “You’ll have to watch the show”.

Richie did, however, address one ongoing observation on social media.

“That’s been so funny, yep, clearly I like blondes,” he said.

“I love the commentary, it’s like ‘Oh she’s got brown hair, she’s out!’, I dunno if that’s really what was going on, but OK.”

Richie also hinted that he might have kept one or two contestants on the show, not because he was romantically attracted to them, but because they were “good value”.

“Sometimes it’s good to have someone that’s good value. At the grassroots of it all we’re making a TV show… as much as you want to think that we just sit around and talk about love stuff, people want to see drama, edge-of-your-seat moments, so keeping someone around that’s a bit of fun adds to all of that.”

Fitzi said that if Richie was to ever find himself single again it was going to be tough, considering he has now had two cracks at The Bachelor.

‘I thought of Married At First Sight after this if it doesn’t work,” Richie deadpanned.

The Bachelor Finale Week kicks off Wednesday, continuing Thursday, at 7.30pm on Ten.

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