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B&B's Katherine Kelly Lang Says 'Logan Was a Bogan'

Katherine Kelly Lang, agrees that her Bold And The Beautiful character, Brooke Logan, was a complete bogan.

"Oh gosh, she was!" Logan, I mean, Lang, told 96FM's Carmen and Fitzi.

"[The Logan's] were from the other side of the tracks and they were just trying to get by."

The thing about Bold is that you can generally pick up exactly what’s going on in the last five minutes of the show as you’re waiting for the news to start, but for those who only see these snippets, you may not know how Brooke made it from the "other side of the tracks" to the world of high fashion.

"[Brooke’s] mum had a catering company, so I was the caterer’s helper," she said.

"And that’s the first time I met Ridge, when we were catering at the Forrester’s mansion."

Lang said that Brooke and Ridge were always "soulmates".


Unless Brooke was like, you know, married to someone else.

"She always loved Ridge but when she couldn’t have Ridge, of course, then she went and married his father… and then divorced his father and got back with Ridge and then when she couldn’t have Ridge again – because of Taylor, I think – she went and married his brother," she said.

"So she’s just trying to stay close to Ridge."

For those who are not up-to-date, Carmen’s and Fitzi’s producer Cam got his mum to bring us up to speed for this week…

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