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Bill Shorten answers your questions

Bill Shorten joined Carmen and Fitzi this morning ahead of the election vote and answered questions left by 96FM's Facebook followers and listeners including West Coast Eagle Will Schofield. 

The first question from a Facebook follower was about what the plans, if Mr Shorten won, would be for building in WA. Bill Shorten gave a considered and consistent answer to ensure first homebuyers would be a priority along with anyone who was using negative gearing. 

Next from Will Schofield who doesn't have NBN to his home, Bill Shorten outlined the NBN strategy his party would carry out. 

Carmen also wanted to know about how childcare would be catered for by Mr Shorten's party, to which his response was to make it a priority, but it is through which means that caused a collective gasp across business. 

Lastly, as rumours persist about the Liberals privatising the Medicare system, Bill Shorten explains how he will protect the current system and why. 

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