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Carmen And Fitzi Discuss Who Should Watch '13 Reasons Why'

We can’t think of another Netflix series which has got us talking like 13 Reasons Why.

In a very small nutshell, it’s about a teenaged girl who takes her own life. The twist being, she leaves behind a box of audio cassettes in which she explains the ’13 reasons why' she was driven to do it.

Dealing with heavy themes like teen suicide and rape -  it’s not an easy watch.

Another thing that hasn’t been easy is the should-kids-watch-or-not-watch debate -  which has not just divided parents and mental professionals, but the community.

Carmen and Fitzi started a conversation about it on Wednesday.

“I’ve never wanted to talk about a TV show the way I wanted to talk about this,” said Fitzi.

“I watched it on my own, at the time my family were down in Mandurah,” he said - to which Carmen voiced concern.

“I feel like no one should watch this on their own,” she said.

Fitzi completely disagreed with the argument that the series glamourised suicide, saying it was “hard to watch”, and that the “inevitable conclusion is horrific”.

“I think it’s one that parents should watch… and maybe if your teen is old enough, I’m talking 16, 17, I honestly think it’s something they should watch as well.”

Carmen said that she had a similar conversation with her husband regarding her stepson, who is nearly 15.

“Do you relate to being a teenage boy who finds it hard to articulate how he’s feeling? That really struck me” she said.

“The show brings a really intense message about treating each other with kindness and remembering that the littlest things you do to another person might have a drastic impact, even a tragic impact, on their life.”

Here’s what some of our listeners said…

What do you think?

Would you let your kids watch 13 Reasons Why?

Lifeline 13 11 14 - Kids Helpline 1800 551 800 - eHeadspace 1800 650 890 - Suicide Call Back Service 1300 659 467

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