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Carmen and Fitzi’s Ten Grand Jury - Wednesday wrap

Imagine being locked in a room with five strangers with no access to family, friends or the real world. You do, however, have a one-in-six chance of walking out of there with $10,000.

Welcome to Carmen and Fitzi’s Ten Grand Jury.

For just one hour per day, the jurors come together in the Hyatt Regency Deliberation Room and make their case for who deserves to take home the $10,000 cash.

No deals, no splitting. 


Humanitarian Michael just can’t help himself. He kicked off Wednesday morning’s deliberations by hauling Katie over the coals after her “offensive” vegan comment.

“Oh my god, you’re killing me Michael,” she said, without even a hint of irony.

“Can’t we just move on?”

And indeed they did.

Three days into their deliberations, it’s not surprising that the jurors were cracking, and emotions were at an all-time high.

“My dad is a fulltime carer now, that’s their life now,” said 22-year-old Aiden, who wants to make his family home more accessible for his mother whose health has deteriorated from fighting cancer.

“It was when she couldn’t hug me properly, that was really full-on.”

Aiden gathered himself before admitting that he didn’t talk about the problems his family faces on a day-to-day basis and what would happen if he didn’t win the $10,000.

“We go back to square one, we’ll have to sell the house.”

Gentle giant Graham, who wants to send his daughter to Space Camp in the US, offered some support to Aiden, saying his situation will end up shaping him into a “fantastic man”.

“You just have to see the look in everyone’s eyes when they listen to your story,” Graham said.

“A good old-fashioned guilt trip,” Aiden replied.

We also learned the extent of Katie’s PTSD after her time in the military.

“I’m just so sick of people judging a book by its cover,” she said, recounting how her disorder can mean not seeing anybody, or showering, for a week.

“They [might only] see me after I’ve had a shower and finally go out and get a coffee. 

Michael assured her that her support started with those around the table.

“This is your support, this is the start of it, it’s your time for speaking,” he said, probably not realising that he and Graham had just been talking over her.

It’s here that stuff really got real.

Katie mentioned her attempt to take her own life.

“I didn’t jump off that cliff in Albany to survive,” she said through tears.

“I didn’t want to look back and think ‘oh s--t, I’m still here’.”

She challenged Graham, who had tried to connect with her experiences by bringing up his wife’s struggle with depression and anxiety, and asked him if he had “ever been 32-year-old and wet the bed? Do you know how humiliating that is and not be able to change the sheets because [you] can’t physically do anything?”

“It’s pretty tough waking up, it’s pretty tough putting on your shoes, it’s pretty tough having a shower.

“Just because I don’t have a broken arm in a sling… I am debilitated,” she said.

Click here for the full clip


Michael pleads his case for Tiarna to receive the money because he didn’t want to see her true passion for performing die. But were Tiarna’s tears even real, I mean, she’s an actress. Hmmm. Does this mean that he's totally given up on himself? 


How did the juror's vote today? Click here 

So, again, since they can't agree, it's back to lockdown. 

Remember, if the jury can’t come to a unanimous vote by 8.10am Friday, the $10,000 will be awarded to a random caller.


It all kicks off again on 96FM tomorrow from 6.50am!


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