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Carmen & Fitzi's Psychic 'Reads' Your Pets

Carmen & Fitzi have had a ball this week with pet psychic Rommie, who has been 'reading' some of your pets.

From horses to guinea pigs, the results have been fascinating!

Check out what she had to say about some of your pets, and if you want the chance to find out exactly what your pet is thinking, click here to register.


"Bangers loves this name, although he is bored. Bangers wants to go outside more and he wants to do dog things, he wants a friend, he needs someone to play with and to be energetic with, he’s not grumpy he’s just bored."



"Stephen [the owner] wants to know why Cooper is sad. Actually, when Cooper 'speaks' he sounds like he's been smoking dope. He's very chillaxed and the president of the Stephen Adoration Society, so he's not actually sad, he just thinks you’re absolutely amazing and he wants to hear the sound of your voice all day, because he feels like it sounds like honey. He would like you to record it if you could, so when you go out he can keep listening to it."


"Miss Muppet first wants to say she loves her mama Rowie and feels she needs to rest more and have a head massage. She worries about her because she sees her coming home exhausted.



"If Basha were a human, Rowie [the owner] would want to marry him, she absolutely loves Basha. Basha is a bit of a larrikin, thinks he’s actually pretty funny, he cracks jokes and laughs at his own jokes but no one seems to laugh at all... but he's happy and content.”


"Barron just has this energy of being strong, poised and calm. He would be great in wartime with gunshots, I feel like he wouldn’t move very much. I seem really frustrated and confused at the moment, I don’t know whether there’s movement at the house or he’s being moved around a lot, he’s just wondering what’s going on with that and he’s had enough."


"BB is really content but extra lazy, I just see her stretching, yawning and going back to sleep - typical of a cat but I feel it's amplified with this one. She’s asking for more prawns, she’s OK with fish but would like more prawns and more scratching around her neck, the top of her head and to the right side of head because she’s very itchy on that side."


"Fyfey is high on life, I see him doing cartwheels and summersaults, he’s extremely happy. I see him like a child walking in between mum and dad holding hands. There’s something going on with his food, I feel sick when I tune into his digestive system, and then I see something like egg whites, I’m not sure whether you’re feeding him eggs, but what I do see is mince, sweet potato and broccoli, so give that a try. Possibly grass allergies later on, check with the vet about that."


"Jess is really cheeky, if she was human shed be hiding behind things, jumping out from behind and scaring people and then laughing her head off, she loves playing tricks. She wants Jack to play with her but he’s not into that idea at all because he is old, yet old and content. He feels good with life, there’s nothing more he needs to do, just kicking back and chilling. I feel he is dehydrated and if he’s drinking water, he’s not getting it in, so make sure he keeps his hydration up."


"Vicki [the owner] says Shelby is sulking like a teenager, and she's absolutely right, she thinks she’s being ignored too much and she wants you to know she’s quite important and she feels like you’re not seeing that. She loves you but she wants more attention she stands at the door all cranky and you’re not noticing that. She hates you going out and she feels like she can’t understand why you can’t take her out because she feels like she’s important enough to be with you all the time."

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