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Carmen gets behind the side-boob fashion trend

Entertainment Editor Melissa Hoyer has spoken out against the celebrity side boob trend saying 'It's not sexy' and she’s had enough.

Now, she is right in one way, the trend is so popular right now, that the side boob bra is actually a thing.

But that’s where my agreement with Melissa comes to an end. I’m gonna go the other way and possibly surprise you all in the process..

I actually reckon it’s classier than cleavage.  

You see, the side boob, a glimpse of pert-ness at the edge of a halter top or backless gown is the moderately busted woman’s very best friend.

The ample bosomed woman has had it too good for too long.

Let us ladies less endowed with fewer surgical enhancements to have this one sacred thing!

I’m sure I'm not the only fan of side boob, so if you think side boob should stay, head to our Facebook page clicking on the post below and leave us a comment on why you say yes to side boob.  

And incase you need further convincing listen to how it all played out on air using the podcast below. 

Carmen x


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