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Carmen Makes A Serious Confession About Her Husband

Carmen has opened up about a pretty serious problem with her husband on the Breakfast show this morning.

It causes fights, which she has admitted are embarrassing as sometimes they happen in front of her stepson.

“He insists on sending text messages while he’s driving”

She said every time she pulls him up on it he has an excuse.

“He says he has reasons,” Carmen said.

Reasons why he’s more qualified to text and drive than other drivers.

“Apparently, that because he once took a specialised high-speed driving course, it’s actually his habit to look half a k ahead of the car at all times, even when he’s looking at his phone texting or even sometimes emailing,” Carmen said.

She also said that he seems to believe that he has faster reflexes than most others.

The thing is, he’s not the only one.

The Office of Road Safety have found that while 90 per cent of WA drivers acknowledge that texting while driving is dangerous, at 57 per cent, more than half of us still do it.

It caused a handful of brave callers to share their stories.

Sharon from Ellenbrook phoned in to say that her 23-year-old best friend’s son was killed only two weeks ago by a distracted driver.

“I’m not saying how he was distracted, but you’re talking a couple of seconds… the lives that are affected by a few split-seconds is horrific,” she said.

John from Kewdale said it was a problem of penalties.

“If it was a $10,000 infringement I think you’d find that a lot of those addictions would be cured overnight.”

Cody from Girrawheen, who didn’t make it to air, told producers that his mate rolls his smokes while driving and wishes that he would stop.

What's been your experience with a distracted driver?












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