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5 Things That Take WAY Longer Than Any F45 Session

With my body scan sorted, meals planned and kitchen cleansed of high sugar, high carb foods – it’s time to do what the F45 8-Week Challenge is all about: TRAIN. 

I’m always a special kind of nervous before trying anything new that’s 'physical' - a hangover from being no good at sport in school. I constantly think I risk being laughed at when my face turns purple from exertion, or singled out for (shock horror!) not being able to do push-ups.  

But lucky for me, F45 isn’t full of school kids or judgmental phys-ed teachers, so I’m made to feel completely at ease.  I learned that F45 classes are designed for all fitness levels, so even if you need to take a break to catch your breath, you won’t ruin anyone’s day. 

Most sessions consist of a circuit set up with a different exercise at each station. Some sessions focus on cardio and others on strength.  With my goal to build muscle mass and finally master those dreaded push-ups, I planned my week to fit in as many of those strength sessions in as possible. 

There are definitely moves that are outside of my comfort zone, (like pushups!) but my instructor was quick to jump in with a more manageable option. 

That is, of course, when she wasn’t busy taking ridiculously flattering photos of me hard at it...





The thing is, once I’d come to terms with the awkwardness of seeing my own “grunt face”, I came to a STUNNING realisation: 45 minutes seriously isn't that long!

Before I’d even had a chance to look at the clock in exhausted desperation, it was over.

Let's put that into perspective... 45 minutes is:

- 10 per cent quicker than a basketball game

- a mere 25 per cent of the time it takes to watch an AFL match, including breaks

-  less than half the length of the average feature length movie

- shorter than most Netflix episodes 

- less time than it takes to drive to your nearest fast food joint, order something, eat it and return home again

Just think how easily you could get through it!

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