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'A Week Into F45, And I Hit The Wall... On-Air'

Well, I never expected F45’s 8-week challenge to be easy, but I certainly didn’t expect to hit a wall this early.

Day one, and it wasn’t even 6.30am before I jumped onto the Facebook group for my local F45 - asking for help from fellow challengers. 


On the F45 challenge, you can access meal plans showing you what to eat each week, and the first couple of weeks is all about cleanse and detox.  Even my F45 trainer Shain says this phase is the most difficult, but it’s important “by using an alkaline-rich diet to reduce levels of toxins and inflammation, we prime your body for healthy fat loss”.

Which basically means lots of protein, green veggies….no coffee. 


^^Example of a daily meal plan during detox phase

The thing is, I, like many people rely on a little coffee-buzz to face up to work each morning, so my F45 teammates were quick to offer a few suggestions, like herbal teas, Rooibos, Ginko-Ginsing, and B Vitamins were all popular choices. 

One of the team suggested to start on green tea, which still contains caffeine, then taper my intake to nothing at all by the end of the week. 

By Wednesday morning… I caved. 

Right in the middle of the Breakfast show with Fitzi, I started saying things like this:

… so I hit up the Nespresso machine. 

I know, I know!

 “Where’s your willpower?”, I hear you screaming, but seriously, I’d begun to make up new words, so I had to act fast. 

Later I confessed my sin to Shain, and he said running so many 8-week challenges has taught him no one is a saint when it comes to food intake: “There are always going to be moments where the craving for a treat is just too strong, but the key is to build a positive relationship with food.  One treat is not going to ruin your whole process.  There are almost 400 opportunities to eat during the 8-week challenge, so stay focused, and get back to good habits as fast as you can”.

Shain also reminded me that seeing results, takes more than just exercise, “clean eating will account for at least 70 per cent of your success. Who wants to work their butt off in the gym, only to undo it all when you leave?”

Who indeed.  

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