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Watch Carmen Attempt A Pushup... Like One Pushup

So, here’s my secret confession: I can’t do pushups.

And for some reason, I’ve had a lot of trouble over the years convincing colleagues and friends of this.  To prove it, here’s a video of my most recent attempt to bust out a couple...

Riveting stuff right? 

So anyway, for reasons that include being able to finally master a set of ten pushups, I’ve made it my personal fitness goal to get stronger. 

The benefits of strength training are well known - especially for us ladies, and while the gym has always been a big part of my life, I’ve decided to step things up a bit with an 8-week fitness journey.

By now, you’ve probably heard of F45. 

You might be like me and have some mates who have become obsessed with it. 

You might have noticed one of their gyms open up around where you live - it is, after all, the fastest growing franchise Australia’s ever seen. 

Or, you might have just heard an ad on 96FM and be wondering what it’s all about. 

Well now’s your chance to find out. 

I’ve signed up to F45’s 8-week challenge – a completely guided training experience, that’ll hold my hand with everything from those elusive pushups right through to food. 

My journey begins this week with a complete body scan – *gulp* - so we can all get an idea of where I stand right away.  

I’ll then join the F45 team to get started. And hey, when I say team, I’m not talking about the trainers or even the franchisees - I mean the other challengers.  Yep, I’m going to be surrounded by a group of like-minded people who’ll be willing to help me every step of the way. 

So, strap in, let’s see what F45 is all about.

Follow Carmen’s journey every week as she blogs on behalf of F45 Training

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