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Fitzi Finds Out What A Lasagne Topper Is, Gets Serious FOMO

Cinnamon scrolls, pies, cheesies, chocolate crackles… OR if you’re 96FM’s Potts, you got Chicken Treat delivered once a week at East Wanneroo Primary School. WTF.  

School canteen food, or even packed lunches from home, has changed.

“My sister-in-law’s little girl goes to kindy and they’re not allowed muesli bars, packaged biscuits, Roll-Ups or any of that stuff,” Fitzi said.

“I understand about the Roll-Ups,” Carmen said. “Any food that resembles a mouthguard I’m not putting in my mouth.”

But on a rainy day like today, we couldn’t help but be reminded of grabbing a giant sausage roll and sauce from the tuck shop.

Geoff in Brabham called to say he remembered getting cinnamon scrolls with an extra layer of butter.

“It was between about 50c and $1, but you had one of those and you’re done for lunch,” he said.

But what had Fitzi completely stumped was the lasagne topper.

Jason in Rockingham said he used to get them at his school canteen and despite it coming in “two paper bags, it’d still be dripping in oil”.

“Wait, I don’t know what a lasagne topper is,” Fitzi deadpanned.

While Carmen explained what it was: “it’s the nice, yummy cheese from the top of the lasagne, and then you have the actual lasagne ingredients, so Bolognese sauce, but then they roll it in breadcrumbs and deep fry it” … you could sense that Fitzi was having a revelation.

Jason said he only paid about $1 for one back in the day.

“How did I miss that?” said Fitzi, before taking another call.

But after wrapping up the calls, Fitzi went back to the lasagne topper.

“I will pay someone $20 for someone to bring one in,” he said. “And me too,” interjected Potts.

“The way you bastardise this show to feed your hungry gut astounds me,” said Carmen.

But the question remains… where can you get a lasagne topper?

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