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Fitzi STUNNED Over Reason Why His Son Has Anxiety

Fitzi has opened up about an issue with his young son – a problem which seemed way too adult for a child.

On Monday, as Fitzi’s wife was dropping Liam, 6, to school, he started to complain about headaches, stomach cramps and feeling like he was “going to be sick”, so she took him back home.

“I got home from work and he seemed fine,” Fitzi said.

“Straight away you think, ‘you’re faking it, you cheeky monkey’, but as a parent, you’re pretty in tune with your kids by the time they’re six and you know if they’re bunging it on.”

But Fitzi wasn’t getting that feeling.

The next day, the same problem, as soon as Liam was being dropped off at school, the headache was back.

“So, we’ve had headaches two days in a row, stomach cramps the day before, and he’s a regular boy and he hadn’t been to the toilet Monday or Tuesday… all the symptoms pointed to anxiety,” he said.

“I don’t ever recall having anxiety at that age.”

But it was what was causing it was alarming.

“So he’s in Year 1, and [the school] has this system with the orange note and the red note,” he said.

“If you do something bad, you get an orange note, and if you do something really bad, you get a red note.

“Now that’s fair enough… but a couple of the kids have scored orange notes for working a bit slowly.”

Fitzi and his wife worked out that Liam’s anxiety was coming from his worry of getting an orange note (and his name on the board) because he’s not working fast enough.

“He’s SIX,” he said.

“I never recall a time when more pressure was put on our kids to perform.”

Carmen agreed, saying she remembered Year 1 being nothing more than counting out things or playing with plasticine.

“You weren’t doing anything that needed to be hurried through and completed quickly.”

The thing is, is Fitzi alone?

Is this something your child has experienced… or is experiencing?

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