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Fitzi Surprises His Kids With New Bald Look

It’s official: Fitzi’s kids aren’t fans of his bald head.

On Thursday, driven by concerns he was losing his hair, Fitzi decided to spend 24 hours living life with the shiny party hat.

After having the ‘Prosthetic Baldness Simulator’ applied during Breakfast, he realised that freaking people out on Facebook simply wasn’t enough.

Taking his newly-minted hairless noggin home, his kids, all boys, were both shocked and somewhat appalled.

One even took cover under the table.

“It doesn’t look like you!”

When Fitzi suggested picking Lucas, 6, up from school, he was met with an empathic “no”. 

After a few minutes, Liam, 3, was quickly getting used to the idea of having a smooth-skulled dad.

“Do you like it?” asked Fitzi.

“Yep,” the young tacker said before Lucas protested with a further “no!”


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