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Hawkemon 'gotta catch em all' at Kings Park Perth

The Pokemon Go craze has taken hold of young men and woman all over Perth! We heard that players will do just about anything to catch 'em all and that Piccachu is the most prized Pokemon! 

So Carmen and Fitzi decided to release a Hawkamon - half man, half Piccachu in Kings Park and Langley Park to see if players would be lured to its location and be prepared to catch 'em!

Here are the hilarious results as virtual Pokemon meets - real life Pokemon Go! 


Here's the moment Hawkemon is surprised by Soa The Hulk as one of our tacklers at Langley Park. 

Here's the moment Hawkamon is chased down and caught!



The Hawkemon before being chased down in Kings Park. 


Our Pokemon Go players after chasing down the Hawkemon.

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