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Is The Perth to Margaret River Seaplane Too Expensive?

The latest tourism venture has Perth divided.

With the first flight set to take off on Friday, a new seaplane will now take passengers from the Swan River to Margaret River.

The service, which can take up to 12 guests per flight, includes lunch and a winery tour before heading back to Perth.

The trips will cost $795 per person, which was the stick in Fitzi craw on Tuesday.

“Welcome to Perth,” he said during Breakfast.

He was reminded by Carmen that the price tag included lunch and a wine tour and said it was “up there with Grand Canyon helicopter tours” and that it was going to be a great experience for tourists.

“It’s way too expensive, it’s gondolas all over again,” Fitzi countered.

“You can go down to Jandakot and get there for about $300.”

 Carmen jumped in: “Yeah great, but you don’t get the great view of Elizabeth Quay and the Swan as you’re coming out of the city, it’s a unique experience.”

Carmen clarified that while she wouldn’t pay the almost-$800 price but that if she was a tourist in a place she’d never been before and a way to do something that would normally take three days that she’d do it.

Tourism supports 97,000 jobs for West Australians and generated $9.6 billion in the 12 months to September 2016.

The seaplane service is on trial until June.

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