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Kelly Slater Is Looking At Building A Wave Pool In Australia

So, is Kelly Slater behind the proposed wave pool in Melville or not?

That was the question 96FM’s Carmen and Fitzi posed to the 11-time world surfing champion on Wednesday morning.

It turns out that Slater isn't just in WA ahead of the Margaret River Pro, he’s also been sussing out possible locations to build a wave pool.

He’s behind the biggest wave pool in the world that’s currently under construction in Florida.

Slater stopped short, however, at saying if he had any hand at all in the controversial proposal for a wave pool in Melville.

“Are you behind that?” asked Carmen.

Without confirming or denying, he vaguely said he’d “love to build a bunch of them, if it works out right.”

“We’ve looked at a few locations in the past couple of weeks we’ve been looking a couple of locations in Australia,” he told Carmen and Fitzi.

“I toured a couple of properties just two weeks ago and some of my team looked at a few recently.”

But “until the money and the land and the plan and everything’s in place,” there might a bit of a wait.

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