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MAFS' Michelle Is Ticklish In The Weirdest Place

They’ve only been married seven weeks… and known each other for seven weeks, but Married At First Sight’s Jesse and Michelle seem more in tune than many other couples.

During Carmen and Fitzi’s Cost of Love segment on Monday, the couple that gave us a heart attack thinking they were going to break up in Sunday night’s episode… well, smashed it.

Following the rules of the game, where one half of the couple is taken away and asked three questions about the relationship, then is brought back into the studio where the other person is asked the same questions. If the answers line up, jackpot. However, the cash is halved at every incorrect answer. In this case it was Monopoly money.

“Where on Michelle’s body is she the most ticklish?” Carmen asked Jesse.

“Her knees,” he said.

And he was right.

The second question was “what is Michelle’s most challenging trait?” to which Jesse answered: “How long she takes in the bathroom.”

Again, Jesse was correct.

“Very few people have gotten all three questions right,” Fitzi said before Carmen launched into the final question.

“We asked Michelle to tell us at what age did you lose your virginity?”

After much umming and ahhing, and a bit of basic maths about when exactly the Year 12 formal usually falls, Jesse answered that he was either 17 or 18.

“Normally we wouldn’t let you get away with that if you were playing for real money,” said Fitzi.

Then they rolled the tape of Michelle’s answer to see if Jesse was right.

“I’m going to take a stab in the dark here and guess that Jesse lost his virginity at 17.”

    It must be love.

    If you want to register for Cost of Love, registrations are open

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